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Water Treatment

While it is true that you can drink directly from many water sources, it is critical to understand that each time you do, there is a chance of being contaminated. Using excellent water filtration can reduce up to 99.9% of harmful contaminants.

Indoor & Outdoor Filtration

We carry filters for indoor water purification plus conditioning products for fishing, swimming, livestock, irrigating, drinking or for your outdoor landscape ponds.

Softener Salt

Morton Rust Remover Pellets are designed for use with high iron water. Rust Remover combats issues caused by iron and rust and can remove 15 times more iron than plain salt!

Food Preparation

Food prep and canning is not only tasty, but it saves you money too. We have canning baths, utensil kits, racks, funnels and bands for canning plus dill mix too. Ask an associate what you can do to treat your H2O.

Expect More

Here at Ed Bock Feeds & Stuff, it's not what you would expect when you walk through our doors. We're so much more than a feed store. Need a gift for a birthday party, teacher, or anniversary? You're sure to find it at Bock's! Does your dog or cat need a toy, flea medication, food, or a bone? You'll find it here! Do you want new furniture that'll last for generations? We're the place! If you haven't taken the time to browse around the store in a while, you should! We're always changing. Come and check us out today! We'll be happy to help you and we can even load your car for you!

Pet & Feed

We will work hard to find and fill any specific request for services and products.

Our Products


The quality products you need in order to treat your H2O.

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Lawn & Garden

All you'll need to create beautiful outdoor environments around your home or business.